Roof Repairing

It’s just the right time to get your roofs repaired before the rains pour in. And if you notice that your roof requires repairs, make sure you get it done as soon as possible. What are the materials and tools you require to make sure your roof is ready before the weather gets rough? Here’s a list- read on:

Material: Terracotta Tiles

With similar requirements of tools for installation and repairs, the terracotta tile repairs can be easily down with the following tools – a wet saw, which could be switched with an angle grinder equipped with a masonry blade. You would also require a slate ripper, a hammer, a tool belt to make your job easier. And yes, nothing works without a tape measure.

Terracotta Tiles

Material: Modified Bitumen

Installation and repairs require this set of tools – A squeegee and trowel are musts. Apart from these, you would require a pair of gloves, a utility knife and a tape measure are required.

Material: Asphalt Shingles

Fixing asphalt shingles takes a lot of time energy, effort and tools too. But when it comes to repairs, the only tools you would require a hammer, a shingle ripper and a pry bar.

Material: EPDM rubber

Quick to install and also to repair, the EPDM is wonderful material to do up your roof with. And when it comes to repairs, you don’t even require a lot of tools – a pair of gloves, a roller and a utility knife are just enough. And tape measure – without fail!


EPDM rubber

Material: Slate

Slate requires almost all the tools that were used for installation when it comes to repairs. Some of the essential tools you need are a slate hammer and a slate cutter to break down the slate into pieces as per your requirement. A slate ripper, scratch hawl and roof jacks are musts. Apart from these tools, the basics, without which you cannot do your job – a sturdy ladder, a standard tape measure, and tool belt are essentials,

Material: Metal

Metal roofs are least demanding – they’re easy, not only to install but also to maintain and repair. When it comes to these easy to maintain roofs, you need to have a metal brake and snips handy. And of course, a hammer and tape measure with a tool belt with all other basic tools will be just right.